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My name is Alene Tesfamichael. Currently, I am living in Norway, working as a vermicomposting researcher in one of the country’s largest waste management company known as Lindum AS. Since my employment at this company (2012), I have been researching the vermicomposting of food waste digestate and other organic wastes.

I have a work experience of more than 15 years in the area of agriculture and environment. In my country Ethiopia, I worked as a Department head and lecturer at Bahir Dar University, as a project manager for the Jerusalem Children and Community Development Organization, and as a technical research assistant at Addet Agricultural Research Center.

Regarding my education, I did my masters degree in the Management of Natural Resources and Sustainable Agriculture at UNMB (the Norwegian Life Science at Ås) and my Bachelors degree in Plant Production and Dryland Farming at Hawassa/Debub University.

I became passionate in composting and bio intensive gardening especially after I worked for the Jerusalem Children Community and Development Organization at different levels (as agriculturist, project coordinator, and project manager). The practical experience that I gained while I worked at JeCCDO encouraged me to continue learning, working and promoting composting and bio – intensive gardening. I continued to be passionate about vermicomposting since 2012 after I started researching on vermicomposting at Lindum AS.

If you have any comment, question and/or request, please feel free to contact me through my address.

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About Edelmark

‘’Edelmark’’ is a combination of two Norwegian words, ‘’edel’’ and ‘’mark’’. ‘’Edel’’ means noble, whereas ‘’mark’’ means worm. I just took the combination of these two words to name earth worms as ‘’Edelmark’’ meaning ‘’noble worm’’. I gave this name to the earth worms because of the very important rolles they are playing in our life.

Charles Darwin in 1881 has mentioned as ”there are no other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world as earthworms.” In addition, Aristotle described the earth worms as ”the intestines of the earth.” In both cases, I am very much convinced that these creatures are really very interesting and usefull in our ecosystem.

Some of the species of earth worms, the composting earth worms, are heavy feeders of organic waste especially food scraps. The organic waste that the worms eat converted to vermicompost as it passes through the worm’s digestive system.

The vermicompost which is the excreta of composting worms is very rich in nutrient and can be used to grow vegetables and other plants. Vermicompost is well known to be good for growth and development of plants. Furthermore, vermicompost can be used as a starting material for preparation of compost tea.

Edelmark website is designed and dedicated to be an alternative information source for those who are interested to be part of the solutions to the social, environmental, and health problems caused by waste.

The mission of Edelmark is to demonstrate that organic waste is not a waste but a resource that can be recycled through provision of practical experience and updated information. The mission is to help anyone (who is interested) become aware of the importance of managing organic waste as a resource for sustaining a naturally healthy environment.

Edelmark website is formulated in such a way that the visitors can get practical and applicable information in connection to organic waste reuse, recycling, composting, and bio – intensive gardening. Furthermore, in addition to provision of information services, Edelmark aspires to help any interested individual or group understand the significance of organic waste management and bio intensive gardening.