Composting and compost

Composting can be simply defined as the biological degradation or break down of organic matter.

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Vermicmposting and vermicompost

Vermicomposting (vermi is Latin word for a worm) is one of the methods of composting…

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Compost tea

Compost tea is a liquid that can be produced by brewing mix of good compost with certain proportion of water.

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Container and Bio – intensieve gardening

Bio intensive gardening is a gardening technique that aims at obtaining maximum production per unit area…

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About Edelmark

‘’Edelmark’’ is a combination of two Norwegian words, ‘’edel’’ and ‘’mark’’. ‘’Edel’’ means noble, whereas ‘’mark’’ means worm. It was just the combination of these two words used to name earth worms as ‘’Edelmark’’ meaning ‘’noble worm’’. This name was given to the earth worms because of the very important rolles they are playing in our life.

Ongoing Projects


Edelcompost is a private small research project that focused on developing small scale methods of vermicomposting and optimizing the quality of the vermicompost.

Edel Juice

This project is also a private research project that focused on development of organic liquid extracts from the vermicompost that can be used for different purposes in agricultural production.


This is research project that has focused on developing methodsof growing plants (specifically vegetables) using the liquid extracts from vermicompost.