Our concept

The business concept of Edelmark  is  transforming bioresources into new environmentally friendly products both in solid and liquid form with “zero waste”. The products can be used for soil amendment purposes and as organic fertilizers. Edelmark aims at  

  • Promoting the concept of Circular economy by employing effective vermicomposting process for transforming biowastes to organic fertilizers with zero waste
  • Providing organic fertilizers for the growing organic farming activities in Norway and other parts of the world for the production of healthy food
  • Becoming a reliable partner to address the question of sustainability of  actors that handle bioresources by sharing knowledge and providing consultancy service 

We are sustainable

Edelmark  is now collaborating with a biogas plant and testing its effective vermicomposting in solid  bio-waste to produce organic fertilizer in the form of vermicompost and liquid fertilizer. Edelmark creates values by using biowaste, that usually gets dumped by biogas plants,  as a raw material. Edelmarks solutions  solve the economic and sustainability challenges of the biogas plants associated with bio-waste. 

Edelmarks solution will  improve the efficiency and profitability of biogas plants  by utilizing the biowaste as a raw material for the effective and efficient vermicomposting process the company has developed. 

Who we are

Alene A. Tesfamichael M.Sc. agronomist is the founder and the CEO of Edelmark AS. He has worked more than 10 years with vermicomposting in Norway and more than 15 years R&D in Ethiopia. Alene has much of the professional competence and practical expertise related to the extraction of Edel-Juice and is therefore central to the project. (picture)

Dereje T Asefa, Cofounder aAdvisor , has a PhD in industrial and environmental microbiology with 15 years experience in R&D, as recycling, treatment of organic waste, sustainable waste management practices. Has worked as a manager of the department of Health, Environment, Safety and Quality at Norsk Gjenvinning.  (Picture)

Vibeke Stølen– the administrative manager of Edelmark AS, has a Masters degree in economics with 10 years of experience from commercial communication and concept development, and 15 years of experience from entrepreneurship, business development and innovation processes. (Picture)