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- We provide sustainable and circular solutions with earthworms

Edel-Juice is an odorless liquid extract that contains important nutrients and microorganisms for your plants.

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About Edelmark

Edelmark AS, founded in 2020, after operating as a sole proprietorship since 2013. In the company’s initial phase, its core business has been to develop and promote small-scale earthworm composting (vermicompost) and organic cultivation solutions at a small farm in Hokksund.

Our Vision

Edelmarks vision is to be a key player in the green shift by developing technologies and promoting effective processes that use organic waste or Bioresources as raw material to produce valuable products that promote organic farming, while addressing environmental challenges related with waste disposal.

Latest articles and news

Bærekraftige produkter

For produksjon av Sunn organisk mat. https://youtu.be/ptsS-MoK_n0

Reactor for vermicomposting

New bio reactor for vermicomposting ready to use.


The role of microorganisms in organic waste management and soil fertility is fascinating.


Fields around organic farms have more types of wild plants, providing benefits for wildlife.