Liquid Products from compost

How to brew compost tea

Compost tea, which is an important liquid input and disease suppressor product, can be prepared by soaking small amounts of good quality compost in water. Actually other ingredients such as molasses can be added to feed the microorganisms, and then supplied with enough oxygen for one to two days.

To brew compost tea, we need a bucket (preferably plastic) and an air pump that produces bubbles. The air pump should be connected with air bubblers known as air stones).

Making compost tea without the aeration equipment is somewhat meaningless. If the tea is not aerated constantly, it will start to stink and become anaerobic. Because of the fact that the goal of making compost tea is production of a liquid fertilizer that contains the required amount and type of beneficial aerobic microorganisms, pumping oxygen into the brewing system is mandatory.

Making compost tea is not a complex process. It is simple and can be made right at home using a good compost. What is very important is that the compost that we use for making compost tea should be of good quality from known source.

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Liquid Products from compost

Compost tea, which is an important liquid input and disease suppressor product…